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Membrane Transport: Passive Transport

We’ve just described the cell’s Plasma Membrane (PM) and how it separates the water inside a cell from the water outside a cell. But no man cell is an island. Except pancreatic islet cells, which is a joke we won’t cover until A&P 2.

Intro to the Cell: The Plasma Membrane

We all know that the body is filled with water. And that cells are filled with water. So, how do you separate the water inside a cell from the water outside of a cell? It all starts with the Plasma Membrane or PM.

The Endocrine System

Endo- “internal” -crine “secretion” The endocrine system involves glands that secrete hormones (chemical messages) directly into the bloodstream. You can compare them to exocrine glands, which secrete outside of the body (ex: sweat glands). It’s more useful to compare the endocrine system to the… Continue Reading “The Endocrine System”

Intro to Chemistry: The Atom

A long time ago, in ancient Greece, a philosopher named Democritus was trying to figure out what matter was made of. He thought that if divided a block of salt in half, then divided it again, and again, and again, that eventually he would… Continue Reading “Intro to Chemistry: The Atom”

Intro to Anatomy & Physiology

First, what are Anatomy & Physiology? “Anatomy” comes from Greek, meaning “to cut up”. Anatomy is the study of the structures in the Body. Physiology is the study of how those structures function. They’re technically two different, distinct fields of study but we always… Continue Reading “Intro to Anatomy & Physiology”