Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to study Anatomy & Physiology! Are you preparing for a career in medicine? Are you interested in understanding the processes that underly health and fitness? Do you want to know how your body works? Or are you a masochist?

A&P is not an easy field, but I try to make it as simple and relatable as possible. The content here is not exhaustive. If you want to cover every single aspect of A&P, there are plenty of textbooks available. These pages will cover all of the information you need to get started.

Intro to Anatomy & Physiology

First, what are Anatomy & Physiology? “Anatomy” comes from Greek, meaning “to cut up”. Anatomy is the study of the structures in the Body. Physiology is the study of how those structures function. They’re technically two different, distinct fields of study but we always talk about them together because form follows function. In other words,…

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