A Brief Rant About Science Education

I was recently notified that one of my YouTube videos had been “age restricted.” In the video, I dissect a sheep’s brain and describe all of the relevant structures of the brain. I posted the video years ago for my online students to watch. I never made any money off of the video and I never intended to. It was for educational purposes.

Age restriction means that only adults who are signed in can watch the video. Adults who are not signed in (as well as children) cannot view the video. This is done in an effort to protect children from objectionable material… Which is great on paper, but in practice?

Is there any world in which it is reasonable to restrict basic knowledge? Is a sheep’s brain really so offensive? If your kids aren’t ready to see a sheep’s brain, wait until you tell them what’s in lamb chops.

Honestly, I cannot fathom how anyone came to the conclusion that it was best to prevent children from learning the structures of the brain. Recently, my daughter has started watching Lanky Box and SSSniper Wolf on YouTube. Their respective brands of idiocy are far more objectionable, in my opinion as a parent.

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